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I am workin on a new flash submission, it might take quite a while to finish it though


2008-03-29 06:26:18 by mattdestroyerlinch12

How are tenors and pirates alike?Please comment and answer.


Yay! Done, I have submitted my first flash submission. It is actually a school project.

Audio submissions

2008-03-08 08:40:16 by mattdestroyerlinch12

I think i will make a series and m1nimum songs!
Just look out!
And please review my audio submissions.

Audio submissions

I may make my first flash file soon. Or maybe not?! I don't really know how to do action script but I am going to learn soon. Look out for my first flash submission this year.

Note: I work very fast.

My first flash submission


2008-03-04 08:24:02 by mattdestroyerlinch12

Hi, i m new to newgrounds and i am a noob in flash and audio creation.
So please, help me while i m trying to learn more =)
If you have any question please email me at